DIY Tips and Tricks!

Home Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your unit up-to-date greatly impacts the air quality in your home. Maintaining an air conditioner can save you thousands of dollars, and it could be as monumental as getting more years out of your current unit, or as satisfying as seeing a lower monthly electrical bill. These tips are quick, easy, and worth it for homeowners with a central air conditioning unit.  If you need air conditioning service in the Denver area, go here: preventive maintenance keeps your air conditioning unit running efficiently.

When you do the maintenance yourself, the air conditioning unit will work more efficiently, so you get the best value, in the long run, from your investment.

Here are five DIY tips:

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

1. Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature. When choosing a temperature to set your thermostat, remember to keep it as close to the temperature outside as comfortably possible. For example, if the weather is 85 degrees outside, then a thermostat set at 73 will be considerable cheaper than 68. Also, if you’re trying to cool your house, try not to drop the temperature drastically, because that will only make the unit work harder instead of faster.

2. Buy pleated filters. Cheap filters will allow everything except the dogs and cats through. Contact your local air filter distributor to purchase a box (typically 12 filters in one box). It is much better to spend the few extra dollars in quality synthetic filters than to allow practically everything through the cheapest fiberglass ones.

3. Replace air filters at least every 3 months. If you have indoor pets, especially cats or dogs, you should check your AC filter often, especially if you have allergies. Pet hair quickly clogs filters. Clogged filters require the AC unit to work hard, thus costing you more money.

4. Keep area around the unit tidy. Clear debris and foliage at least 2 feet from around the condenser (Outdoor Unit) to allow clear air flow to the unit. Dryer vents, lawn mowers, and trees are all forms of debris causing issues. Once a year, wash off the debris: first turn off the power, then use a garden hose for a gentle rinse.

5. Secure the outside unit. The condenser has copper inside, which makes your unit a target for theft. The copper is valuable and can be sold as scrap metal. Bolt your unit down to the concrete base to prevent theft.

Remember to call your air conditioning technician for annual cleaning to keep your home or office comfortable.